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Preloved Luxury Redefined

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Established in London in 2019, Sellier is the UK's leading destination for preloved luxury. What sets them apart is their commitment to offering premium items at unparalleled value, making luxury more accessible. As a marketing agency, we have played a pivotal role in enhancing Sellier's marketing strategy.

Throughout our collaboration with Sellier, we worked closely with the brand to create successful email marketing and paid media campaigns. Our expertise in luxury has been instrumental in driving engagement and customer retention. These strategic social media campaigns have further elevated their brand presence, attracting a broader audience and driving sales.



Sellier sought to enhance its digital presence and market penetration by elevating the quality of engagement with its existing email subscriber base. Recognising the potential to enrich these interactions, the focus was on delivering content that would not only inform but also entertain and captivate the audience. Simultaneously, there was an opportunity to widen the brand's reach through digital advertising by connecting with new, carefully selected audience segments. The ambition extended beyond mere brand awareness; it was about creating a lasting impression that would convert curiosity into brand loyalty and customer action. This dual approach required a nuanced understanding of the market dynamics, particularly within the UK, where local nuances play a significant role in consumer behaviour.



With Sellier, we devised an intricate digital marketing strategy that harnessed the outreach of email marketing and the outcomes of paid social to identify opportunities for generating targeted revenue. We analysed conversion rates across social platforms to pinpoint areas where Sellier could achieve growth.

"Partnering with Sellier has boosted revenues through innovative campaigns in paid social and email. Their expertise in preloved luxury and sharp attention to detail have made working together both effective and enjoyable."

Kertu Kask, Senior Account Manager


A paid social strategy was developed to enable us to target a niche audience within the luxury industry. This guided us in better understanding the top-performing segments and in generating conversions from various campaigns. Our primary challenge was acquiring first-time customers using Meta advertisements. However, we were able to reach and convert prospective audiences and enter new international markets, which provided valuable insights and contributed to our sales-driven strategy. We employed various ad formats to test engagement and capture users during critical moments. This optimised behavior signature allowed us to identify relevant users and gain insights into consumer behavior.



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