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A Package for your Package

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Branding therefore was on a relatively unanimously agreed track; this as a service is about the unmistakable comfort and unavoidable confidence which comes with it. Pants and socks can't be skipped over either, there's a certain humour and slyness to them which we wanted to capture in the tone of voice and visuals - even such a does-what-it-says name had to be owned as a simple, accessible way to get your underwear.

These considerations lead to a clear drive of confidence, humour and inclusivity; celebrating all body types with pride as we veer from the stereotypical glossy underwear photography. The design is bold and brutalist to represent such a strong level of confidence as well as simplicity of service. The visuals, print work and copywriting are all highly produced but with an underlying tone of cheeky wit to remind you that while these are luxurious products, they're still pants and socks.



From our door to your drawer

Pants & Socks


Through wit, humour and interaction we wanted to create a brand that spoke to the customer as a person

"When selling Pants & Socks we didn't want to take ourselves too seriously. Creating an interaction dialog with the user and being able to design interactions that the user prompted on our models was a perfect opportunity to have some fun."

Jacob Beckett - Creative Director

Pants & Socks

As we were able to create assets for specific UI elements it gave us the opportunity to take a fully integrated approach.

A simple colour palette allowed us space to concentrate on movement.

Integral to our brand theory was movement where we combined photography, videography and allowed the user to interact directly with the models

"Simple UX enhanced by human nudges to improve conversion."

Sam Thomas - Creative Director


A fun but clever brand solution that takes itself as seriously as the products.
Pants & Socks
Pants & Socks
Pants & Socks

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