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Marcus Edgworth

Navid Naghdi

Creative, Disruptive, Social Strategies


MOCO Museum is an internationally-renowned modern art museum with physical locations in Amsterdam and Barcelona. We have helped realise MOCO’s sizable ambitions to break into the cultural space as a leading tourist destination since 2018. We have provided key services across organic social, paid advertising, content creation, and digital PR.



Having played an integral role in their journey since 2018, we helped realise Moco’s sizeable ambitions to break into the cultural space as one of Europe’s leading tourist destinations. Our objectives were to drive awareness, heighten their digital presence and position them as a contender within the international museum space.

Moco Museum
Moco Museum
Moco Museum
Moco Museum
Moco Museum
Moco Museum


We drove to achieve these goals through creative and disruptive strategies, working to drive engagement and strengthen the relationship between Moco Museum and key stakeholders, particularly their visitors. » Direction and execution of content shoots for Instagram and TikTok to create bold and engaging owned assets, continuously driving brand awareness. » Proactive community engagement strategy, validating all interactions across social media to strengthen native interests and drive growth. » Disruptive Paid Media strategy incorporating owned and third party amplification through social advertising and Digital PR.


We have developed creative and disruptive strategies for MOCO with the main objectives of driving ticket sales, widening audience targeting, and spreading awareness within the Amsterdam and Barcelona spaces. We also keep the following integral KPIs in the forefront of our process: follower growth, engagements, purchases, impressions, ticket sales, link clinks, cost per click, and return on ad spend.





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